FileXchange Manager

FileXchange Manager is the premier solution for reliably delivering e-mail attachments to your contacts. FXM works by uploading your e-mail attachments to its file store, then it sends out your e-mail with a link to the attached file. Your recipient clicks on the link in the message and the file is automatically downloaded to their computer. File attachments and transfers couldn't be easier. You no longer have to worry about seeing a dreaded non-delivery report in your inbox — FXM bypasses size and content restrictions to deliver your attachments directly to your recipient, effectively side stepping the hassle of e-mail content filtration systems.

FXM file transfers are secure. You can enable authentication from the FXM Administrator, which forces clients to login to the site to be able to send files. Logins can be created inside of FXM, or you can tell FXM to use your already existing Windows accounts; The choice is yours.

Network restrictions can be used to allow logins only from certain networks, allowing trusted hosts the ability to bypass logging in altogether, while other non trusted hosts must still login.

SSL can be used on the FXM web site, allowing encryption of logins and file transfers. And unlike other competing products, your files are stored on your server to ensure compliance with your company's security policies.

Standards Based
FTP and SFTP can be a hassle to get working properly through firewalls. FXM uses the standard HTTP and HTTPS protocols — the same protocols you use for browsing the web — for file transfers, allowing for effortless uploads and downloads through firewalls. It works right the first time, every time.

E-mails sent through FXM are completely customizeable and can contain either plain text or HTML data. You define what your recipients see in their inbox. A list of standard pre-defined variables makes it easy to customize message text the way you want.

Flexible Event Handling
Flexible event handling gives you the luxury of being able to know what happens to your files, when it happens. Notifications can be configured for file uploads and downloads, and event logging tracks file activity so you know precisely what is happening on your FXM server.

Enterprise Ready
FXM is easily integrated into your current network environment. It effortlessly communicates with your existing e-mail servers to deliver its content, and can scale up to 5,000 users on relatively modest hardware. FXM clients can use just about any Operating System when using the Java™ Web Client to send their attachments, and the GUI Client for Windows™ allows for even tighter integration with end user desktops.

- Send any file, regardless of type or size.
- Managed by an easy to use web interface.
- Can be secured by SSL to ensure encrypted file transmission.
- Supports usernames and passwords for securing file uploads. Built in Windows™ authentication allows you to use your existing user accounts.
- Network exclusions allow for anonymous uploads from defined networks.
- Customizeable e-mail templates allow you to design the look and feel of e-mails.
- Universal web based client can be used on any platform that supports Java™.
- Windows™ based GUI client allows for tighter integration with your desktop.
- Defineable events allow for logging to a file and e-mail notifications.
- Self aging links keep the server clean by removing expired files automatically.
- FXM Server runs on Windows™ 2000 or Windows™ 2003 Server.
- Fully adjustable file expiration times. Clients get the expiration times from the server upon startup.

FXM allows you the ability to get your files where they need to be, without having to worry about the restrictions placed on most e-mail systems. Our customers agree, FXM is the easiest, fastest way to exchange files.